'Tests have shown that hypnotherapy can lower a woman's levels of a hormone called prolactin which suppresses ovulation'


Having the opportunity to turn despair into success, worry into hope and sadness into joy.
Hypnotherapy can help you to increase your chances of fertility including fertility treatment.
This safe, natural approach enables women to feel more in control by helping to alleviate fears and worries, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis for fertility:

Research suggests ....
That over the last twenty years there has been a significant increase in the number of people experiencing issues with unexplained fertility problems. With approximately 25% of couples planning to have a baby, experiencing some form of difficulty (*Ruth Allen, 2012)
Hypnotherapy is useful for supporting fertility and aiding conception, for both men and women through releasing any fears, anxieties or mental 'blocks'.

For those who have difficulty trying to conceive, it can become a stressful, difficult process. This in turn increases tension, preventing the very thing couples are trying to achieve. Consequently, hypnotherapy enables us to access any subconscious issues which might be related to difficulties in conceiving.
This encourages individuals or couples to resolve any issues that they may have previously been unaware of. Furthermore, the use of imagery and relaxation are incorporated into the hypnotherapy sessions to aid and encourage the best chance for fertility and conception.

As you are unique, your hypnotherapy treatment will be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements and can therefore range from anywhere between 2 or more sessions.

This will be entirely dependent on the initial consultation. The initial consultation and treatment session will last approximately 120 minutes with further sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes.

Please see the price guide for treatment cost.

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