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We want you to have the best experience with viewing this website and all its' various pages. Please report back to me here (andy the webmaster) if you see any problems whatsoever, as internet pages behave differently these days on all the many different makes of computers, phones, pads, tablets, even different screen sizes, resolutions. So it would be great to hear from you with your feedback for improvements, and I can report back to Lorna.

Hello, my name is Andy, and Lorna has been kind to appoint me as the Webmaster for this website, if you see any problems with it please contact me - problems for example could be:

* Not showing correctly on my android phone.
* Showing errors on a certain page(s).
* Does not show correctly in my version of Internet Explorer

Please fill in the form below, select for example which page(s) giving you the problem, or any other problems that you are experiencing. If you leave your email address I can send you a reply when I have fixed the problem & be able to share the problem with Lorna. Thank You - Andy

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