Hypno-analysis can help you to uncover the root cause of any symptoms you may experience that are attached to issues such as phobias, weight gain, anxiety, chronic pain, or any problem with an emotional or psychological aspect to it.

This safe, effective treatment is carried out in a neutral, non-judgemental environment and is totally confidential as are all the methods and treatments I provide

Hypno-analysis is considered a type of 'free association' .....

.... in which you link past and present connections to allow an outlet for any unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions. This means you can work at your own pace, and in your own time to enable your subconscious mind to access unresolved issues that are preventing you from moving forward and away from your problem. Hypno-analysis is a form of Psychotherapy designed to simply and effectively help you to resolve those issues or problems that you identify as being linked to past events and which are causing you problems now.

For example, if someone suffers from anxiety they will undoubtedly have negative thoughts and emotions attached to their specific problem. During Hypno-analysis they will revisit the initial experience that created the anxiety. They will feel completely detached from the actual emotions and feelings while in a gentle, light hypnotic state. This enables them to find a solution through expressing and changing their experience.

The number of sessions required is usually between 2-10 and is dependant on the presenting problem and the issues that arise, with the average number of treatments being between 5-6.

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