Fears & Phobias 

"As a young child I was cornered by a neighbours dog. Since then, I have become more and more scared of them. This has stopped me visiting friends and family and I didn't want to pass my fear onto my young children. Lorna worked with me for five sessions, and I can now be in the same room as a dog without feeling panicky. I continue to use the CD's Lorna gave me, and although I can't say I now love dogs, I am no longer afraid of them. This treatment has been the only thing that has helped me, and Lorna is a pleasant person and very professional."
Sean, Oxton

Most of us have the odd fear about something ....

Perhaps it's a visit to the dentist, spiders or enclosed spaces. Such fears are usually very minor and don't interfere with our daily lives, even if they can make us feel uncomfortable at times.

In fact, it's quite normal and indeed beneficial to experience a certain level of fear. For example, fear enables us to respond to dangerous situations appropriately, activating the 'flight, fight or freeze' response in keeping us safe.

However, a phobia is considered an intense, irrational response to something, causing higher than normal levels of anxiety. This creates an extreme feeling of fear, which heightens and amplifies the 'trigger' response. This can often be debilitating to the sufferer, and may interfere with normal life, which, in turn creates even more stress and anxiety.

For those who suffer with irrational fears or phobias, life can become extremely stressful, and the 'fight, flight or freeze' response is activated even if there is just a perceived threat or when faced with their 'trigger' such as fear of heights, needles or public speaking.

Someone who experiences a fear or phobia will often go to great lengths to avoid the trigger response. Hypnotherapy can help to overcome fears and phobias by looking for the Initial Sensitising Event (ISE) and changing the emotional response around it. This in turn, changes the initial fear response by creating more appropriate reactions and positive associations.

Because you are unique, your hypnotherapy treatment will be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements and can therefore range from anywhere between 2 or more sessions. This will be entirely dependent on the initial consultation.

The initial consultation and treatment session will last approximately 120 minutes with further sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes.
Please see the price guide for treatment cost.

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