Anger Management 

Anger Management:

Anger enables us to adapt to threats, either real or perceived, by triggering powerful emotions, responses and behaviours which allow us to defend ourselves if necessary. Therefore, we all need a certain amount of anger to survive.

However, most of us have learned to use a combination of conscious and unconscious processes to express our anger appropriately in an assertive, positive manner.
Imagine the benefits:

Imagine being able to respond to stressful triggers in a calm, measured way.
Imagine feeling happy and confident, being able to enjoy those special moments in life, free from worry and anxiety.

Anger is a natural healthy emotion, and ....

We all experience it on occasion, often recognising the warning signs before things get out of hand. Many of us will also have coping techniques such as counting to ten, breathing slowly and distracting ourselves with more creative outlets such as painting or reading to calm ourselves down.

However, when anger turns to rage and uncontrollable fury, it is much harder, if not impossible to focus on anything else and often leads to destructive behaviour.
This can be extremely frightening to anyone on the receiving end. Relationships including loved ones, friends and colleagues can all be affected, and everyday, normal situations that most of us take for granted can be taken away. For example, jobs, homes and possessions could all be at risk as well as possible legal implications.

For those suffering from anger it can become a serious problem, not only affecting relationships, work and quality of life. Health can also be affected, with physical symptoms including high blood pressure, hypertension, and heart conditions.

Anger can also affect psychological functioning with symptoms such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and addictions. When we get angry, our heart rate increases and our blood pressure go up. Hormones such as Adrenaline and Noradrenalin increase, which in turn creates these physiological and biological changes.

Hypnotherapy aims to identify any suppressed trigger responses that create the anger in the first place. Solutions and techniques are then presented to change subconscious thought processes, by offering alternative, beneficial 'tools' for handling negative situations and changing the way you think and respond.

As you are unique, your hypnotherapy treatment will be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements and can therefore range from anywhere between 2 or more sessions. This will be entirely dependent on the initial consultation.

The initial consultation and treatment session will last approximately 120 minutes with further sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes.

Please see the price guide for treatment cost.

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