Saturday March 11th 2017

12:00 Rodger Dee Show from last week     Contact Rodger Here
16:00 Retro Saturday     Contact MAR Here
18:00 Helen Highwaters - Saturday Evening Complaints Show     Contact Helen Here
20:00 Steve Martin - Late Saturday Show     Contact Steve Here
22:00 Rodger Dee's 80s All The Way!     Contact Rodger Here

Sunday March 12th 2017

10:00 The Sunday Morning Retro Show     Contact MAR Here
12:00 John Freeman's Clutter-Free Show     Contact John Here
14:00 Andy Davis - The Lime Street Workmen Show     Contact Andy Here
16:00 Paul Jay's Sunday T Time Show     Contact Paul Here
18:00 Helen Highwaters - Sunday Evening Mischief Show     Contact Helen Here
20:00 Lee Morrison's Progressive Rock & Beyond     Contact Lee Here
22:00 Rodger Dee's Show into Monday     Contact Rodger Here