15:00 Barbara In America     Contact MAR Here
16:00 Paul Jay's Saturday Tea Time Pt 1     Contact Paul Here
18:00 The Great Dave Simpson Show     Contact MAR Here
20:00 Grace On A Saturday Evening     Contact Andy Here
21:00 Helen Highwaters - Part Time Saturday Evening Show     Contact Helen Here
22:00 Rodger Dee's Anything Goes Saturday Show till 2am!     Contact Rodger Here


10:00 The Rockin' Chair Rogers Show     Contact Dave Here
12:00 John Freeman's Clutter-Free Show     Contact John Here
14:00 Grace - Easy Like Sunday Afternoon Show     Contact Andy Here
16:00 Paul Jay's Sunday Tea Time Pt.2     Contact Paul Here
18:00 Helen Highwaters - Sunday Evening Mischief Show     Contact Helen Here
20:00 Lee Morrison's Progressive Rock & Beyond     Contact Lee Here
22:00 Rodger Dee's Rock Lock-in Show - Till The Wee Small Hours!     Contact Rodger Here