Jackie Frost
("the rock chick")

Hi Everyone

I first played with radio in 1980 with Rodger Dee when we were on Radio Caroline International, broadcasting to our local chippy. I even made my only MW transmitter back them. I miss those days.

Here I am 20 years on and back on the air with MAR, the Krew are great, Andy Davis keeps pocking fun at me and Steve West is always trying to get me to listen to Pink Floyd, Rodger says I'm 'defected' because I don't like them.

My favourite group is Aerosmith I would love to see them live so. If anyone gets a couple of tickets they don't want you can always donate them to the Jackie Frost Aerosmith appreciation group (that's me.) ;-)

I have done a couple of tribute shows now and I have enjoyed finding out all the facts about the artist, (Pink Floyd and HippysOnTheHill.) If you have a singer or group you would like featured on the radio/stream just write into me at mar@rock.com or use the Contact The Krew page and I will be happy to do that for you.

I also love 50s music so if you like that please let me know and I will do more shows from that era. I don’t really like the 60s so you wont hear much of that time in my shows. ;))

Since the station split with Steve West (now
Radio Xanadu) in 2009 I have taken over the role of Boss Chick and tell all the other DJs what to do. (I like that role =D)

I also do guest DJ Radio Merlin International and I was for a short time DJing on
Radio Xanadu and Playback International. I would love to DJ on a Long Wave station to complete the four bands =D.

I like to play new artists so if you have the music and it’s rock I’ll play it if I like it. Just send it into me at
mar@rock.com or use the Contact The Krew


Early 2013 I had to take a break from the stain due to health resins but I'm very happy to say that from August I will be back live on air.

If you are wondering why there are no more joint shows with Rodger that is because we parted in January this year but are still very goods friends and I wish him well for the future

Take care, everyone.
I give you all big hugs and thanks for looking in here and listening to Merseyland Alternative Radio.