Cali Blu
All about this wonderful Pirate Chick on MAR

"Hey y'all!"

That's how I usually open a show. See, I'm from the states, not the UK, and I don't try to hide it -not that I could if I tried. I'm CaliBlu..MAR's very own hippie gypsy pirate chick.

During the almost two years I've been with MAR, I've traveled over 4828k, going from the west coast to the east coast of this country with a couple stops in between. (That's over 3000 miles for you non-metric folks) Right now, I'm living in Columbia, South Carolina. But, probably not for long. I'm a gypsy, after all.

I can remember being a little kid, sitting in the closet with a little turn table and a hair brush for a microphone, playing DJ. This was my favourite pastime for a few years then it got shelved for other things. But I never forgot this dream.

Then, a couple years back, a friend who's into the pirate scene in the UK asked me if I'd like to do a guest hour. I was thrilled! After spending a day or two learning how to pronounce the city, I went to record my first hour and found out just how difficult it really is. Every week is a learning experience and a chance to improve my skillZz and develop my radio personna. You can usually tell you're listening to me by my laughing. Usually at myself or something I've said wrong or mis-pronounced. I've learned to kick back, relax and just go wth it and have fun. Hopefully, it makes listening fun for everyone.

My earliest music influences were Motown and (of course) The Beatles. I can remember hearing Led Zeppelin for the first time and being blown away. I also remember wondering why nobody was playing them on the FM stations. I guess I've always had the heart of a pirate dj. Nowadays, I may do a themed show.. like a movie soundtrack or a certain era. Or I might just play what I'm feeling at the moment. Its all depending on my mood now and I find it flows better when I do it that way.

I really love being on the radio in the UK, and hopefully it's not too hard to understand my Southern drawl. I'm looking forward to many more years of flying my pirate flag proudly.

So, like I say at the end of every show....
"Peace, Love and I'm out!"



We luvs ya CaliBlu from all the krew here in the UK