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webmaster 2:
checking guestbook on mar website, routine test and update
Nick Attwell Bournemouth:
Kool tunz - Pirate Radio lives on
What's happened. Live in Upton Wirral and listen on 87.5 but suddenly can now only get static ! Have you moved.
John Mc from North Liverpool:
Just discovered you on FM by accident. Now listening on the web. Can't believe my luck.
John from Sorrento British Columbia Canada:
Just found your radio station on Radio FM Worldwide. I am originally from Hunts Cross.lived in BC since 1974
Carl from Southport:
Howdo. Enjoying my friend John Freeman a top bloke. Carry on playing Soft Cell. Tainted Love 12inch needed!!
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The MAR Crew:
Hi to all from MAR for 2016, please feel free to sign and comment in our new MAR guestbook, and have a great year and more, listening to just the greatest radio station ever for presenters, entertainment, committment and music - the MAR Crew 2016