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Losing weight
isn't always as

easy and simple
as cutting down
on your food

Transformational Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy

Debbie Stanton D.Hyp, MIACT, MAPHP

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme

For many, losing weight isn't always as straightforward and effortless as cutting down on what you eat, exercising and willpower alone!
Disruptions in life such as giving up smoking, medication, stress and lifestyle changes can all cause havoc with your weight loss.
There are many other disruptions in life such as puberty, pregnancy, middle age and menopause that can have equally disrupting effects on weight loss.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme is held over 4 sessions and has been created using a number of attributes taken from the world of Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), SymbioDynamics™, NLP, Life Coaching and Solution Focused Therapy.

Debbie would like to stress that you have to want to lose weight for the therapy to work, rather than just thinking that you should.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme is powerfully effective, however, if you have any unresolved emotional issues we may have to work on these first before we can begin the programme. For the programme to be successful you must be fully motivated and determined to achieve your goal and be prepared to work with Debbie in creating a plan designed to help you achieve that goal.

The weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme can work for you, it is a tried and tested, step by step process that simply and painlessly helps you shed those excess pounds.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme includes a booklet and Downloads/CD's to help you on your journey as well as phone and email support throughout.
Further sessions and continued support are also available upon request.

Harrogate Consulting Rooms - £240 programme fee
To be paid in full, on or before the first session.

Sessions can quite often run over so please allow plenty of time for your visit.

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