Transformational Life Coaching

Debbie Stanton Transformational Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching put simply is a practice that helps clients to identify and achieve their personal goals.

Life Coaches help and support their clients by using a wide range of strategies, tools and techniques and use inspiration taken from resources such as psychology, sociology and counselling.

Life Coaching delivers a friendly, confidential and non-judgemental service that ensures the client realises and achieves much more than they might if they were to try on their own.

My Life Coaching practice involves a more holistic approach with the intention of dealing positively with all matters that may affect the client's successful outcome for a fullfilled and stress-free life.

As your dedicated, personal coach I will use a variety of tools and techniques including, hypnosis, Counselling, NLP, SymbioDynamics, Analytical Hypnotherapy as well as Regression work if required.

Of course the final choice will always be up to yourself and between us we will develop a solid platform on which to build, create and achieve your own personal goals.

Issues dealt with are: Sleep disorders, Bereavement, Depression, Fears and phobias, Pain Management, Stress/Anxiety, Childbirth/Pregnancy, PTSD, Depression, Exam/Driving Test Nerves, Sports Performance, Wedding/Best Man/Interview Nerves, OCD and much more.