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Therapy Articles Special Offer

I am now offering the 'Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Programme' at the discounted price of £100 per person to any groups of 2 or more. The programme is held over 4 weeks and includes downloads/cd's, a booklet and on-going help and support throughout.

So if you know of any other friends, neighbours or colleagues that want to lose weight and save money then NOW IS THE TIME to take up this special offer.

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A Clever Hypnotic Trick

First thing in the morning before you get out of bed, just close your eyes and as you breathe nice and evenly - imagine the day ahead in fast forward - see yourself getting ready for the day and looking and feeling your very best, then imagine everything throughout the day turning out exactly as you want it - paying particular attention to any specifics, such as planned activities, meetings etc.

Focus on how easy and natural it feels - how surprisingly 'right' everything is, including everything you say and do.

All in all it should take you no more than 5 minutes and with practice it will become easier and easier.
You'll be amazed at how easy it is to plan ahead for any event or situation, creating the outcome you want - all by simply focussing your 'intention'.

This works by tricking the subconscious mind into believing it has already happened so that when the moment actually presents itself the brain has no choice but to comply.

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The Benefits of Engaging the Subconcious Mind

The subconscious (or unconscious mind) has access to a far wider scope of possibilities than the conscious mind.

It uses blueprints, metaphors, models and perceptions and can contemplate numerous measures of time,
as well as rational and cogent stages of varying perceptual positions. The subconscious mind has the where-with-all to imagine future situations
and involve probable outcomes. It can deliver intents, solutions and many other resources to the conscious mind and carries information from all our experience and understandings.

When we employ the subconscious mind in creating outcomes and choosing resources, the resulting change respects and regards the person's ecology.

If you've been trying to heal yourself or change negative deeply-held beliefs and habits - whether they are physical illness, stress or anxiety, traumas or habitual behaviours - your chances of success are approximately a million to one if you've been trying to do it through your willpower alone.

The good news is Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching can engage your subconscious mind to re-evaluate its present perceptions and beliefs and create new outcomes, allowing you to release and let go of any limiting thoughts and behaviours and move forward with your life, confident in your new understandings and fully equipped with the tools needed to continue the momentum.

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Interesting Insight

A famous rock star was once asked how he felt before going out in front of a large audience and whether or not he felt any fear. His reply was that when he was out front getting ready to go on, as soon as he heard the sound of the band warming up, that was the moment the adrenaline would start pumping and surging up through his body, his heart would begin to beat faster,
his palms would become sweaty and he would feel this tension in his head - that was when he knew he was ready to go out there and give it his all - he used this surge of energy to propel him forwards.

On the other hand a famous actor who had terrible trouble with stage fright/panic attacks was asked how they felt before going out in front of a large audience. Their reply was as soon as they began to hear the cues that it was their turn to go on stage they would feel their body beginning to tense up, they would begin to sweat, they would have this huge rush of adrenaline and their heart would beat really fast - that was when they knew they were having a panic attack and would not be able to perform!

So, like most things in life, we have a choice, we can either view these feelings in our body as an energy - for that is what it is - and use it as a positive lever to push us in the right direction or as a sign of fear and run for the hills!

Using my skills, experience and expertise as an NLP practitioner, Transformational Life coach, Hypnotherapist and SymbioDynamics Practitioner, I can help you to overcome limiting beliefs, negative learned behavioural patterns and perceived obstacles in just a very short space of time.

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